Friday, 22 July 2011

It's nice talking to nobody...

Have you ever noticed when you want something to happen nothing ever does??? I have.  I was going to go to a specialist in a town half an hour away today, it was for my dad... I'm not sure why he had to go there he missed it any way. My dad seems to think all his appointments are at 10am like that is HIS appointment time... weird.
I am currently looking at my cupcake recipe book, it's not very interesting as I am looking at the same page I was on Tuesday when i got it... I'm on a new page now, It's making me hungry for chocolate.
It's nice talking to nobody... unless your reading in that case it's nice talking to you. Please comment if you are (reading that is).
Otter, that's a cool word... otters are cool to you know. I have nothing else to say... not really appart from the fact I am wearing a multicoulored tiger T-shirt from matalan. I think I want to write a book, or an imaginary blog for a charecter in a book... nah.
Please read my oher blog... not that you'r even reading this blog. (The Cupcake Project)
See ya